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Battle of Stones River
Largest Open-air Retail in Murfreesboro
Geographic Center of Tennessee
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Explore Rutherford County

There's fun in store for every taste and interest
here in Rutherford County.
civil war civil war heritage
Stones River National Battlefield, Fortress Rosecrans, Oaklands Historic House Museum and the Sam Davis Home are all significant Civil War sites located in Rutherford County.
rutherford family fun

Family Fun

We take hands-on learning to a whole new level at the Discovery Center, and that's just the start of the fun you can have with your family here in Rutherford County!
rutherford arts

The Arts

Soak up the arts in our rich cultural environment. In Rutherford County, exhibits, concerts and plays are the order of the day!
rutherford parks

Parks & Recreation

Recreational opportunities abound in Rutherford County. Be sure to check out our paved greenway trail systems, or float your boat on scenic Percy Priest Lake.


With an enrollment of 23,000 students, MTSU is Tennessee's fastest-growing and largest university. Come explore the 500-acre campus and enjoy some of its many events.
rutherford history


There's no mystery to our history! We're excited to share the stories of all the interesting people and events that have made Rutherford County what it is today.
rutherford winery

Wineries & Distilleries

Tour local vineyards and taste the latest vintage of our fine wines, or come see how corn is transformed into a smooth sipping whiskey at our nearby wineries and distilleries.
rutherford agritourism


There's plenty to do, see and taste at Rutherford County's many agricultural attractions! Come see what life on the farm is all about.
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Oaklands Historic House Museum
Sam Davis Home
Oaklands Historic House Museum
Wilderness Station
The Avenue
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 Old Fort Park Tennis Complex

Rutherford County, Tennessee

Let the history begin! Let the shopping begin! Let the discovery begin! Whatever your heart desires, you can fill in the blanks here in Rutherford County, where graceful historical facades blend with modern shopping, dining and amenities to lend a touch of Southern nostalgia ... where Civil War attractions, museums and an auto plant summon exploration ... and where parks, trails and a full slate of events continually beckon. Are you ready? Get set.
Let the journey begin!


From artisan shops to boutiques and big-box stores, the world of retail is at your fingertips here in Rutherford County.
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You’ll find no shortage of dining options, as both familiar favorites and unique local establishments are scattered throughout Rutherford County.
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Rutherford County is a great place to stay to get to just about anything. So come spend a night or a week with us!
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rutherford county news
in Rutherford
Posted: 10/13/2016
TSSAA State Girls' Volleyball Championships Next Week
The TSSAA Division I and Division II State Girls' Volleyball Championships will be held Oct. 19-21 at Blackman High School, S...
Rutherford County Events Calendar

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Chris Young, singer/songwriter
Native son and Grammy®-nominated RCA Nashville singer/songwriter Chris Young welcomes you to Rutherford County. To see what else Rutherford County has in store, check out these videos.
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